Construction Cleaning

We pride ourselves on our unmatched workmanship, service and support.

Our years of experience and mastery within the field allows us to deliver a smooth Construction Cleaning process, allowing you to rest-assured that your new construction will sparkle, smell amazing and have absolutely no scratches. Our construction cleaners are here to ensure your job gets cleaned to perfection.


Our Construction Cleaning Service Includes:

  • Our comprehensive checklist covers all of the requirements for pristine Construction Cleaning – from floors, walls, ceilings and windows.
  • We don’t employ lazy people, we are an enthusiastic, energetic company comprised of employees who all take great pride in their work
  • We clean all types of surfaces, joiney, flooring, walls, tiles and glass
  • We will ensure your newly established premises looks absolutely amazing

Benefits of PCAM’s Construction Cleaning Service

  • We work according to your timeframes, and waste no time, ensuring your project is completed as fast as possible
  • We remove all dust, ensuring a sparkling clean finish
  • Over 15 years experience in Construction Cleaning
  • Dedicated, hard working employees

Construction Cleaning Checklist

KitchenRemove CobwebsClean, Disinfect & Polish Chrome of the Sink

Vacuum & Wipe Inside of Cabinets (if empty)

Clean & Disinfect Counter Tops

Wipe Down Kitchen Cabinet Facings

Clean Top and Front of Stove

Clean Top and Front of Refrigerator

Microwave (inside & out)

Load dishwasher if empty

Clean outside of small appliances (toaster, coffee maker, etc)

Remove Smudges from doors and light switches

Wipe baseboards

Vacuum and mop floors

BathroomsRemove CobwebsWipe down walls

Wipe down cabinet facings

Clean mirrors (within reach)

Clean and disinfect toilets

Clean and disinfect bathtub/shower

Clean and disinfect glass shower doors

BedroomsRemove cobwebsDust Ceiling fan blades (within reach)

Wipe down walls

Wipe window sills

Dust all furnishings as appropriate

Remove smudges from doors and light switches

Clean mirrors (within reach)

Pick up/straighten/make beds and change linen if requested

Wipe baseboards

Vacuum and mop floors

Empty trash

Other RoomsRemove cobwebsDust ceiling fan blades (within reach)

Wipe down walls

Dust all furnishings as appropriate

Wipe window sills

Wipe baseboards

Remove smudges from doors and light switches

Vacuum  all carpet and hard surface floors including stairs

Vacuum and mop floors

Hallways and FoyersDusting of baseboards, light fixtures, ledges, shelves, window sills and ventsSweeping/mopping or vacuumingIn-depth dusting of all walls.

Deep cleaning of all external areas and surfaces

Removal of all cobwebs

Cleaning of light switch plates

Optional ServicesWindow CleaningCarpet Cleaning/Steam Cleaning

Wall Washing

Fireplace Cleaning

Mould Removal

Wipe Blinds

Internal oven cleaning

Internal refrigerator cleaning

Garage cleaning

Dish washing

Paint Removal

Special RequestsFeel free to let us know

Builders Clean

If you’re a builder looking for the best Builders Clean Service within Sydney, you’ve come to the right place. Our highly experienced teams will clean your place spotless. If you have a large site which requires construction cleaning, our managers will be able to manage the entire cleaning project.

before and after builders cleanBefore & After builders clean

builders clean

As we have been servicing the Sydney region for quite a few years now, we have developed a great reputation among many building companies as a trusted partner and one of the best cleaning companies in Sydney.

If you’re looking for any of the below services, please Contact Us.

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