Cleaning your windows, streak-free

One of our professional's at work :)

One of our professionals at work :)

Windows are the eyes to your home. Windows reflect your home’s character and influence the exterior as well as interior. Keeping them clear and shiny is essential.

In this article we’ve prepared for you some tried-and-true techniques on how to make your windows look as if they were maintained by professionals.

Tools are crucial when it comes to proper window cleaning. So, before we start, make sure you get hold of these 5 tools:

Bucket – preferably a wide rectangle one because you’ll need to put a squeegee in it – this is the most important tool of all. Without a quality squeegee you’ll most likely end up with streaks and spots. A good squeegee consists of three parts: the handle, the channel and the replaceable piece of rubber held by the channel – a regular one (sponge can also do the trick) Microfiber cloths or a few small towels (just make sure they are lint-free) Dish soap – doesn’t have to be anything fancy though

And you’re set to go. Here’s what you should do next:

Now fill the bucket up, about 20 liters should suffice and add about a teaspoon of dish soap and mix it well. Dip the scrubber pad into the mixture and squeeze the excess water. Apply the scrubber to the window by sweeping back and forth across the window. Just make sure you cover every inch of the glass.

Then take the squeegee and start cleaning the glass from top to bottom. Just make sure you clean it strip by strip. It’s best to make narrow strips so as to avoid streaks.

Next, clean with the squeegee blade across the top of the window (horizontally). Wipe the blade of the squeegee on a clean towel to remove the dirt and the excess water. Then repeat the whole process until you’re done. Just make sure you cover all angles and sides.

Once you’re done take the microfiber or any lint-free cloth and wipe the excess water along the edges of the windows. Watch for streaks and wipe them with the cloth. If the cloth becomes damp, take a dry one.

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